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Information about the “Soft-Air” ventilation ceiling:

A good climate in the pig house is a first requirement for a high output in pig farming. Our many years of experience with ventilation ceilings are a good guarantee for an optimum ventilation system. The 'SOFT-AIR' ventilation ceiling distributes the incoming air to the room to best advantage. In addition, the cold incoming air is heated 5 to 10 degrees below room temperature in winter. This prevents draughts. Genugten Agri B.V. delivers two varieties of 'SOFT-AIR' ventilation ceiling: with steel profiled sheets or with plastic profiled sheets, made from glass fibre reinforced polyester. The steel profiled sheets are only used if required by fire regulations.

The advantage of plastic profiled sheets over their steel counterparts is that they are easier to process, durable and absolutely free from corrosion. An 80-mm thick glass wool layer with a special skin on its underside is placed on top of the profiled sheets. The glass wool is produced especially for Genugten Agri B.V. and is treated with silicone, to keep it resilient and to protect it against moisture. Genugten Agri B.V. delivers the ventilation ceilings with all the necessary installation materials and fasteners and possibly completely installed if required.

For more information you can download the leaflet:Soft air ventilation ceiling.pdf

'Soft Air' ventilation ceiling with 'Ventu-flow' System

When the 'Ventu-flow' ventilation system is used in combination with a 'Soft-Air' ventilation ceiling, it produces the following added benefits:

  • The natural air flow in the house is improved, enabling less ventilation in winter and better use of fresh air in summer;
  • The system prevents undesirable air movements from one half of the room to the other;
  • Pig farmers have a more pleasant climate to work in when checking the animals;
  • Possible temperature differences in a room are reduced.

In the movie below you can see how the air in the system flows:

For more information you can download the leaflet: Ventuflow_systeem_EN.pdf