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Information about pig house interior:

Thanks to our many years of experience on a number of large pig farms with which we have direct involvement, we can supply a broad range of interior finishing products with an optimum price/quality ratio. All systems are continuously tested and improved on these farms.

Sow housing

Various types of slatted floors can be used to house pregnant or non-pregnant sows. In addition to the well-known concrete grates, triangular steel grates with or without a manure valve or stainless steel grates can be chosen for use directly behind the sow, to ensure a better manure removal. It is also possible to lay slatted concrete floor slabs so that a manure groove is created behind the sows. We have developed our own 'saloon box' for sow housing. The special thing about this crate is that it is suited to all applications. These crates are ideal for the group housing of sows because their gates can be blocked in their closed and open positions. These crates are also ideal for the A.I. rooms, because the farmer can place his leg between the gates providing good access to the sow when carrying out artificial insemination. And finally this crate is ideal for locking up the sows in the temporary waiting rooms. Genugten Agri B.V. supplies these crates from stock in lengths of 2.00 and 2.10 metres. They are available for a raised stainless steel trough or for a PVC trough placed under the box. The crates can be provided with a special strip to attach a nipple drinker. In addition to our saloon box you can also choose a basket crate or you can decide to house your sows in large groups. And we offer made-to-measure galvanised, plastic and concrete partitions for the group housing of sows.

For more information you can download the leaflet about the saloon box:Saloon box EN.pdf

Farrowing house

We import “Soft-Floor” farrowing pen floors for the farrowing house. These floors are made of expanded metal and fully covered with a very thick plastisol coating layer. If required, a heated piglet nest can be integrated into the slatted floors. This has a special soft and warm slatted floor to prevent the piglets from being injured. To ensure good hygiene, the grates enable easy cleaning. We offer cast iron grates for under the sow, with the possibility of optionally creating a closed section under the sow. The use of these cast iron grates enables the sows to stand and get up more easily. In addition, cast iron grates are more pleasant for the sows because they are cooler than other types of grating. Genugten Agri B.V. has developed its own farrowing crate. This very strong hot-dip galvanised farrowing crate can be fully adjusted in length and has solid-rod-finger side rails and protective rails. This design stands out by virtue of its simplicity, durability, user-friendliness, quality and price. The farrowing crate walls can be constructed of plastic profiled panels, Trespa or a combination of both. The wall panels are installed in galvanised or stainless steel sections.

For more information you can download the leaflet about the farrowing crate:farrowing crate.pdf



Genugten Agri B.V. delivers two types of solid-core plastic grates for the slatted floors of nursery rooms. These grates are delivered in two sizes: 50 x 80 cm and 50 x 100 cm. The grates are made of 100 % polypropylene and are delivered in the colour white as standard. Larger batches can be supplied with other colours upon requested. The grates are finished with an anti-skid profile. The plastic grates are placed on galvanised strips which rest on the pit walls. The house layout is created using plastic sections with galvanised tubes or Trespa. Both products are used because they are easy to clean and are long-lasting. The plastic sections are installed in stainless steel sections. The tops of the partition walls and doors are finished with a galvanised tube. If Trespa panels are used, they are fixed in a galvanised frame. The gates are constructed in the same manner. If the pig houses have slop feeding, a stainless steel trough is integrated in the partitions.


Stalinrichting Varkens



To construct slatted floors in fattener houses, Genugten Agri B.V. supplies a wide range of grates, eco grates and closed floor slabs. The concrete products are of a high quality and go beyond the requirements of the DIN 18908 standard.

The house interior can be made from concrete or plastic partition walls or a combination of these materials. Very stable pens can be created by using concrete partitioning elements. An additional advantage of this is that the partition walls up to 1 metre can also be made of concrete.

Plastic sections with galvanised tubes can be used as an alternative. An advantage of this is that they are easier to clean. The plastic sections are fitted in stainless steel sections. The tops of the partition walls and doors are finished with one or more galvanised tubes. If the pig houses have slop feeding, stainless steel troughs are integrated in the partition walls.


For more information you can download the leaflet: EN Stable equipment finishers_LQ.pdf