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Information about a stables pits and foundation:

Before we can start building the floor of the pig house with pits, a sewer system for manure disposal has to be constructed for most projects. Genugten Agri B.V. supplies a total package of drain pipes, valves and accessories which comply with statutory requirements. And you can order the concrete bricks and a wide range of concrete grates, beams and slabs for the actual pit structure from us. We supply all emission-reducing pit systems, such as our own Genu-Vac flush gutter system. Other systems include the IC-V system for fatteners and the Sondag system for piglet houses. Slanting walls are placed in the manure ducts in these systems. These walls are available in synthetic or concrete materials.


Genugten Agri BV has developed a new concrete grid for the whole pig industry. The grids meet the highest quality, KOMO and have a roughness of less than 63 Leroux. The grids meet the latest requirements of the VAMIL housing rules.

The grids have a standard dimension of width: 60cm x height 16cm. They are available in lengths ranging from 80cm to 310cm. Each increasing by 10cm.

Possibilities for openings:

20 mm grids for sows. 18 mm grids for gelt. Completely closed for a combination of dense areas, or for central corridors.

For more information you can download the leaflet:Multigrid English.pdf