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Information about electrical systems:

In collaboration with specialised installers, Genugten Agri B.V. can take care of the entire electrical system. We make all capacity calculations for the distribution and fuse cabinets and any transformers required. We also supply the relevant emergency power generating set of the required capacity. In addition to the electrical facilities for the ventilation system, the lighting and all other electrical equipment required are included in the overall electrical system. And we supply special stainless steel agricultural wall outlets for the farrowing houses.Upon request, a special sound and intercom system can be installed to enable all the workers in the company to communicate via the PA system. And by playing music all over the farm, the animals will be less stressed. A good alarm system also forms part of the electrical system. In addition to the customary alarm systems, we supply telephone diallers which work via the GSM network. This is specifically important to make sure that the right people are alerted in time, for example after lightning has struck.